Impulsos y desconexiones: Hood - The negatives.

the negatives are added but it's not enough
and if you know the feeling you'll get beaten up
your voice was carried away.
jaw line strong
word swollen tongue
and you can fight off style
you can fight off time
I don't want to talk about it
here comes our friend the winter
tried to walk to town but
oh I got so lost
can you just answer me
answer me this
can i just sit here and watch the sky?
don't you know that life can move so slow?
there isn't any s***e for love anymore.
and if you know the feeling than you need to go
to the furthest place from your house
stand there a while
make sure you're broke

and watch the birds fly round
just like the first time
we put leaves upon these tracks
there's ? deliverance here
reassure reassure me that life won't leave me behind
the sun is the dates and forges
summer thoughts are deadlines

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